Revised Edition of Practical Data Migration Now Available

The new and updated edition of Practical Data Migration, widely regarded as the industry bible for Data Migration Practitioners, is now available.

It includes some substantial additions as Johny Morris’ methodology has evolved to meet the demands of new technologies, techniques and customer demands.​

In his words:

“The new edition has been restructured around the main areas of activity within a data migration project and covers eight modules including: migration strategy and governance, landscape analysis, gap analysis and mapping, migration design and execution, legacy decommissioning, data quality rules, key data stakeholder management and system retirement plan.”

John Morris Author of Practical Data Migration

I’ve had many a conversation with John over where the industry is heading, what technologies are impacting and where our members need more insight.

I think he’s done a stellar job of updating his original creation so it’s highly recommended and will solve many of the questions we are frequently asked in our support forums here on Data Migration Pro.

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