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One of the most commonly reported causes of failure on data migration projects is a lack of appropriate data migration technology.

In this section we list data migration software that is proven to help tackle the complexity and scale of application data migration projects.

Experian Pandora

Dramatically reduce the cost, duration and risk of your data migration using our powerful, end to end data migration software platform.

Traditional data migration strategies frequently rely on time consuming hand coding or costly and complex Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions.

Legacy approaches leave considerable gaps in the data migration process and create an unnecessary burden of risk for the customer.

Experian Pandora is different.

It was built from the ground up by data  migration experts who recognise the key to success lies in ensuring each phase of the migration is enabled through a single platform, delivering incredible performance and a methodology the entire team can collaborate on.

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One of our associate consultants was able to complete a data migration impact assessment of an entire government system in under 3 days using Experian Pandora. With conventional approaches this would have taken weeks.

John Morris 
Principal Consultant/Author - iergo