How to Plan for a Successful Data Migration, featuring Mike Rochford, Advanced 365

Like any major project, time spent investigating and defining the scope of a data migration before you start will ensure a predictable and successful outcome.

During this presentation Mike Rochford of Advanced 365 will be outlining some of the areas that need to be investigated before commencing a data migration project.

He will also look at some challenges that may need to be overcome, and the common pitfalls to avoid. He will provide tips and guidance for delivering a data migration project that meets all the organisation’s needs – on budget and on time.

About Mike Rochford

Mike Rochford has been involved in application migration projects for nearly 20 years, data migration being a crucial part of this. In recent years Mike has also focused on data migration between packaged systems, data cleansing and data synchronisation projects. He will share this wealth of data migration experience and knowledge during this informative Webinar.